Photos en route from Dili to Ainaro, June 4 2002, first views of Ainaro    Click to enlarge
1 scene en route from Dili to Ainaro
2 we wait for wrecked vehicle to be pulled from ravine
3 scene of wrecked vehicle
4 man on horse with machete near wrecked vehicle
5 mountain scenery by wrecked vehicle near Ainaro
6 catholic church Ainaro, wrecked schoolbuilding, mountains
7 photographing horse, mountains of Ainaro
8 Ainaro home destroyed in 1999
9 Ainaro schoolboys beside preseminary
10 Ainaro school boys closeup
11 Ainaro scenery
13 Going towards the mountains above Ainaro
14 man with horse carrying bags (coffee?)
15 Ainaro home, mount Kablaki in background
16 corn crop besides charred remains of home
17 scene from sheltered part of market Ainaro
12 coffee beans, processing equipment
18 flag outside mobile clinic in Soro
19 kids outside mobile clinic in Soro
20 homes on upper part of Ainaro
21 water buffalos, terraced slopes once grew rice
22 approaching water buffalo and calf
23 closeup of water buffalos and calf
24 mountain scenery Ainaro